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How to Ensure Your Doberman Bonds Properly With the Family

By Meghan Belnap 45 days ago at 12:00 am


If you choose a Doberman as your household dog, there are steps that you can take as an owner to ensure that your new canine pal bonds with everyone in your family. Ensuring a better bond between your family and Doberman will make everyone feel safe and help your dog adjust better to your home setting. Here are some of the best ways to get your Doberman to bond with your family.

Start Young

Bonding will be much easier if you have young children and get a European doberman for sale that's still a puppy. Forming connections from a young age before your Doberman and young family members get set in their own ways is recommended. Starting from a young age will make integrating your dog into your family a more natural process. Doberman puppies up to the age of six months learn to socialize with humans the best and often choose their favorite people to be around when they’re at this age.

Share the Chores

The tasks that need to be performed to care for your Doberman can be divided up among family members. This will help your Doberman learn not to just depend on one person. If your Doberman knows that he or she receives food, water and baths from different people regularly, everyone in your family will be able to form a stronger relationship with your dog. Dividing responsibilities among your children is also a great way to teach your little ones to be more responsible.

Be Attentive When Your Doberman Communicates

Just like people, dogs have ways of communicating their feelings and needs to people, and ignoring your Doberman’s cues could leave your dog feeling alienated and less loved. Even though it’s nearly impossible to respond every time a dog barks, certain types of barks could be a warning sign of a threat or indicate that your Doberman feels lonely and needs some attention. Growling or howling may also indicate a problem that you’ll want to tend to in order for your dog to feel secure and appreciated.

Consider Professional Dog Training

Professionals who know how to train dogs can help your Doberman bond better with the people in your household. Your Doberman will also learn how to behave better to make bonding easier with your family. Your dog will learn ways to ask for food and water and let your family know when a bathroom break is needed, which can all work well in teaching your Doberman how to communicate and form better relationships with your family. Dog training can be especially beneficial when it’s started while your Doberman is still a puppy.

Getting your new Doberman to bond with your family can be accomplished with the right methods. Following these steps can help your dog and everyone in your family form a stronger unit.

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Posted in Training Tips by Meghan Belnap 45 days ago at 12:00 am

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