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Be a Responsible Pet Owner: 4 Tips for Socializing Your Dog

By Emma Sturgis 37 days ago at 12:00 am


Socializing is something you should start when you bring a puppy home before it reaches five months of age and keep up through its lifetime. Even if your dog is no longer a puppy and has a roomy yard to call his own, he can still benefit from socializing, and you'll reap the benefits as well.

Take Lots of Walks

Not only do walks help dogs burn off their energy, but they provide an opportunity for your dog to meet other dogs and people, which exercises their minds. During these interactions, you can rely on the training you've practiced to reinforce good behavior and correct unwanted behavior. Of course, this means you should make sure to have your pet's favorite treat on hand during those walks.

Work Your Way Up to the Dog Park

If your ultimate goal is to take your dog to the dog park, your best bet is to walk near or around it a few times before taking your dog inside. After the first visits, you might let your canine sniff another dog through the fence. As he becomes comfortable with the idea of a park full of dogs, you can take him inside but keep him on his leash while he checks things out.

Remember: One at a Time

Letting your pup sniff a single dog through the park fence represents another smart tip for socializing your dog: let him meet people and animals one at a time. This ensures that your dog doesn't become overwhelmed, especially with people or animals who might be excited to meet someone new. If friends and family can offer a treat when they slowly approach and calmly talk to your leashed dog, your pup might be quite happy to meet them, and you can avoid the need for an injury lawyer.

Know When To Back Off

Although your dog might need a little push to get out of his comfort zone, there are times when they might experience distress. At this point, you might notice your dog panting, with its tail between its legs, or yawning. Your dog may also avoid treats, which you have been using for rewards. Keep a positive demeanor and allow your dog to take a break from the activity to reduce its stress.

Keep up with socializing throughout your dog's life to ensure appropriate behavior, minimal aggression or fear, and a happy and healthy pet.

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Posted in Training Tips by Emma Sturgis 37 days ago at 12:00 am

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