7 Tips for Selecting Pet Proofing Carpet for your New Pet's Arrival to Your Home

By K Kuchiya on Feb 08, 2020 at 12:00 am


When you have a furry or feathered friend living with you, you sometimes have to expect the unexpected. In many cases, this means that you have to expect to clean up messes. Accidents happen, so if you don't want to live with a constant pet urine smell and pet hair, it's essential to learn some home cleaning hacks and tips for finding the right carpets for your home.

There are several option for pet-proof carpet out there, but knowing what features are best can help. In this guide, I'm going to show you seven unique tips that'll help you keep your home smelling nice and clean, even if you have a pot-bellied pig to clean up after.

1) Seek Carpets that Won't Trap Hair

If you happen to have a long-haired pet breed like an American long hair or a husky, then you're going to have to be really proactive to ensure that you don't have pet dander flowing everywhere. For this reason, it's a great idea to find a carpet that has fibers that are designed to be somewhat loose. This way, the fibers won't interweave as quickly and capture the follicles of your pet's fur.

Instead, a simple vacuum will be able to easily pull the fur up. This is particularly useful, especially considering that trapped pet hair is a significant source of dander in the air, which can irritate those with allergies.

2) Purchase One that Resists Odors

Some of the carpets that currently are on the market are designed to resist all odors so that your home smells neat and clean. Usually, this comes as a result of naturally odor-blocking fibers in the knap, and it can really make a difference when you're cleaning.

Each fiber will be treated with a coating that will actively make it easier to clean up any material that could create an odor in your home.

3) Select Carpets that Won't Absorb Liquids

When it comes to the generation of odor, smells are often caused by the bacteria that are in both the feces and urine of your favorite furry buddy. As a result, while they may smell bad initially, the smell will actually increase with time as the stain sets into the fibers. As a result, to make carpets more comfortable to clean, many manufacturers have created products that will not absorb liquids.

This ensures that the bacteria won't have a place to live, which means that you can clean up the mess quicker without worrying about increasing odor.

4) Try to Find Carpets that Are Darker in Tone

If you have a pet, you can assume that he or she is definitely going to eventually make a mess on your carpet. Since this is the case, it may be a good idea to purchase carpets that are darker in tone so that messes won't be noticeable. While, ideally, your aim is not to hide messes, sometimes, a little staining is inevitable, so darker carpets can make these far less visible to guests.

Also, regular cleaning is critical; if you clean up a mess and the carpet looks lighter where you cleaned it, then you'll have a very noticeable difference in color.

5) Carpets with Stain Resistant Fibers are Preferable

As I mentioned, staining can happen in a lot of carpets, but stain-resistant brands of carpet can still make a major difference. These are sometimes made of materials that aren't as absorbent, and these can even include plastic fibers. In any situation, with a carpet with stain-resistant fibers, there'll be nothing for the mess to cling on to; you can just wipe it away with a nice sponge or brush.

Also, don't forget: these carpets also are great for non-pet stains as well, so you'll have an easier time cleaning up that spilled red wine. Dogs love to track in mud after their daily walks, so a carpet that resists stains will make it easier to get the dirt out of the fibers.

6) Seek out Carpets that are More Durable

While you may walk around on your carpet consistently, I can guarantee that your pet is responsible for at least the same amount of foot traffic. With all of that constant walking across the fibers, some carpets can really show the wear and tear, which is why you should consider durability a major feature when purchasing a new carpet.

This is one of the most crucial home cleaning hacks since damaged carpet looks terrible; just seek out fibers that bounce back after being tread on, and you'll be happy several years down the line.

7) Thicker Carpets Can Look Better Over Time

While I'm not telling you to purchase 1970s-style shag, finding carpets with a little higher thickness can certainly make having pets a little more convenient. With a thicker body, a nice brush or vacuum will have an easier time pulling up whatever dank material is stuck in the carpet. You'll also find that your pets will love the thickness.

Your Home Doesn't Have to Look Like You Have a Pet

Just because you own a pet, it doesn't mean that your house should look (or smell) like you do. Finding the right carpet is critical for keeping your house pet odor-free, so follow my tips for a good experience.

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