Best Gifts for Cat Lovers, According To Feline Behaviorists, Advocates & Enthusiasts

By Thomas Glare on Aug 12, 2019 at 12:00 am


Gifting cat lovers is a tricky affair because they are very specific about what they want. They believe that a bored cat is a destructive one. If you are not a cat lover but you intend to gift a one, it may be difficult for you to find the right products that you can gift them. To be on the safe side, you may search for themed gifts or seek the help of animal behavior specialists, advocates and pet-store owners to choose a gift. But we’ve made things easier for you. In this article, we provide you with the best gifts for cat lovers, according to feline behaviorists and enthusiasts.

Cats Need A Scratching Post

The owner of the pet supply store and grooming parlor, Tazz Lafiti, advises that every cat needs a scratching post. He recommends that the post should be tall and should have a minimum of 24 inches of height. The main reason is that pets love to stretch out much often. If the post is too small, it means that the animal will look for other places like upholstered furniture to stretch. Preferably, a 32 inches high scratching post is the best. Adoption event coordinator for Anjellicle Cats and New York-based all volunteer cat nonprofit rescues, Nora Wood, attest that a scratching post is an ideal gift because the pet cannot knock it over.

Arty Cat Scratcher

Meet Arty Cat Scratcher

Meet Arty is perfect and wonderful, one of the best gifts out there. It is advisable to gift a friend who has a good sized apartment because it takes more space than a vertical scratcher.

Hannah Shaw (the Kitten Lady), an educator and animal advocate, stresses the importance of making sure that your cat is living in an enriched home environment. For felines to feel mentally stimulated, they need to access vertical spaces and climbing structures. Shaw says that a first-time cast owner must ensure that he or she has a lounge, perch, or a tree that will make their home welcoming and comfortable for the feline. This reason makes the gadget enter the list of appropriate best gifts for feline lovers.

P.L.A.Y’s new incredible two-in-one scratcher is designed with fierce scratchers in mind and boasts multiple angles and surfaces to handle all needs a cat can have. It has a bold, curved design that separates into two pieces.

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Cat Window Perch

Older animals are still curious and jumpy. If you place a perch close to the window sunny spot, your feline will have the opportunity to watch what is going outside. In addition, the pet will be able to get some natural warmth from the sun. Conrad Russo says that Cat Window perch is one of the best gifts you can gift a cat lover. The feline can enjoy the warmth from the morning sun while the owner enjoys a nice gambling session of slot games on a mobile casino.

Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Telescoping Wand Tease

You can also gift your friend the air prey telescoping wand tease. Hannah Shaw says if you keep your felines psychologically enriched, they will be less inclined toward destructive behaviors. She says that wand toys and teasers are one of the best ways to get pets on their toes. This makes this gadget one of the best gifts to give owners because it deals with misbehaving felines in a good way. My Cat from Hell host and feline behaviorist host Jackson Galaxy has designed this product.

Feline Frenzy Plush Toy Collection

You can gift a cat lover P.L.A.Y.’s toy collection. This pick in our best gifts list suits well those pets which behave weirdly when they get new mouse toy. Gifting your friend with these catnip-filled mice in bulk, he or she has an opportunity to introduce new prey one at time.

This is the company’s first collection of toys for cats that features eight sets of plush toys coming with a refillable pouch with USDA Organic Catnip.

Snuggle Bed

For achy joints, enthusiasts and behaviorists like Yuki Atsumi recommend a bed that works as a mat, sleeping bag and bolster bed, all at the same time. P.L.A.Y.’s Snuggle Cat Beds offer kitties the ultimate comfort and versatility in plush beds. This snuggle cat bed is perfect for pets who love to burrow in their bed, or just sleep on top of it.

Wooden Pet Stairs

It will be appropriate to gift a friend with an older animal that is having problems getting on the couch or bed. Just like older people, senior cats have issues with arthritis. Feline behaviorists advise that it will be nice if provide your feline with wooden pet stairs for them to use when jumping becomes painful. The stairs should fit well in the cat lover’s living room.

That’s it, we really hope you found what you were looking for: the best gifts for people who matter for you. If you have other ideas of gifts, share them below with the other readers, it will be helpful for everyone!

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