4 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Tiffany Young 29 days ago at 12:00 am


During this difficult time, many people are worried about their pets. Can they get sick themselves? Can they spread it to others?

According to the health authorities, the risks are low, but it’s still important to take the right precautions. The important thing to remember is not to sweat it! To help you out, we’ve prepared this list of 4 ways to keep your pets safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Are Pets at Risk Themselves? Can They Spread It to Other People?

The American Veterinary Medical Association is monitoring the role that pets play (if any) in the pandemic. According to them, at this time there are only a handful of cases in the entire world of pets being infected by the virus themselves, and there are no cases at all so far of pets transmitting the virus to other pets or to humans.

Based on the current evidence, the Centers for Disease Control has issued guidelines stating that it is unlikely that dogs and cats are playing a significant role in the spread of this coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Therefore, the CDC considers pets at low risk of being infected by the virus, spreading it to other animals, or spreading it to humans.

However, this does not mean that pets are completely safe, or that they play no role at all. The best way to keep these risks low is to follow the recommended safety guidelines. Our list will help you do that!

1. Include Your Pets in Social Distancing

Humans who aren’t living together should stay at least six feet away from each other while in public. This also applies to pets. When you’re walking your dogs (or your cats!), keep them on a leash at all times, and keep them at least six feet away from other people and pets. These dog health and safety products can help.

If you have dogs that are especially fond of socializing with others, using a collar to enforce social distancing isn’t a good idea. We recommend a proper-fitting harness instead. A harness distributes the force of your restraint across the strongest parts of your dog’s body, rather than their neck the way a collar does.

2. Isolate Sick Humans From Pets

If any human members of your household get sick, especially with COVID-19, you should keep them completely isolated from all pets and all other humans. Do not share anything, including food, dishes, couches, or beds. Ideally, sick people should stay confined to separate rooms or even separate floors of the house.

In some cases that might mean keeping your pets outside, so it’s important to make sure you have good outdoor beds for them to stay warm in. You’ll also need to keep them mentally stimulated and physically entertained. Cats can usually take care of themselves. For dogs, we have some tips for keeping your dogs entertained in your yard.

If you can’t avoid contact between a sick person and a pet, keep this contact to an absolute minimum. Stay in separate rooms. Have the sick person wear a mask and fresh clothes when moving through the rest of the house.

3. Keep Your Pet’s Immune System Up

Just like it is with humans, pets are stronger at resisting disease when they are well-fed and have strong immune systems. Make sure to keep a reserve supply of healthy food and treats on hand for your pets, as well as any nutritional supplements to help keep their bodies working right.

Mental stimulation is also important, as we discussed above. You can check out our homepage to see the currently trending toys that other people are buying during this difficult time.

4. Help Lost Pets Get Found

You should always have identifying information on your pet in case they get lost. You can either get these engraved onto the collar directly, or you can get customized ID tags for your dog or cat.

And remember: If your pet has a microchip, that chip is useless unless your pet’s information is stored in a searchable registry. We recommend the Michelson Found Animals Registry because it’s run by a respected pet charity and is completely free.

It’s natural to worry about your pets when times are confusing and scary. However, arming yourself by staying up to date with the latest government recommendations is a great way to make sure you’re following the necessary precautions. And, use the tips above to keep your furry friends safe during the COVID outbreak and beyond!

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