4 Pro Tips to Provide the Healthiest Diet for Your Dog

By Meghan Belnap on Jul 16, 2019 at 12:00 am


Caring for your dog’s health is just as important as caring for your own if you want your canine companion to be with you for the long term. Feeding your dog the healthiest foods can ensure greater longevity and prevent medical conditions that may greatly jeopardize your dog’s wellbeing. These four pro tips can be followed to help you maintain the best diet for your dog.

Go Grain-Free

Feeding your dog foods that don’t contain wheat, oats or other grains can keep your dog healthier. Many of the best grain-free dog foods are high in protein because of the higher meat content. The extra protein can give your canine companion more energy and help build stronger muscles. If you’re concerned about your dog’s weight, maintaining a grain-free diet can help shed excess fat that’s often linked to higher levels of simple carbohydrates found in other dog foods. It’s also best to look for foods that are free of rice and corn.

Aim for Limited Ingredients

Fewer ingredients usually equate to a healthier, more natural dog food. Fillers and additives can be just as bad for dogs as humans and eliminating these unhealthy ingredients can help guarantee a longer lifespan. Game meats and other excellent protein sources are also often used in limited-ingredient foods. Some dog food ingredients are also known to cause allergic reactions in dogs and having fewer ingredients in your dog’s food can lower the chances.

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Use a Salt-Less Water Softener

If you want to give your dog water that has been treated for better health, you can order a salt free water filtration system. These types of systems are designed to condition drinking water by altering the minerals to make the water healthier to consume. The best water softeners allow flow rates up to 15 gallons per minute so that you never have to run low on quality drinking water for yourself and your dog.

Give Unseasoned and Unprocessed Meat

Meat that hasn’t been seasoned or processed can be excellent for dogs. Seasoned and processed meats often contain preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients that can cause intestinal problems in dogs and make them sick. These types of meats might also contain extra calories that your dog doesn’t need and cause cardiovascular problems.

Keeping your dog on a healthy diet can be highly beneficial in many ways. Your canine companion can enjoy a better quality of life when the right foods are consumed regularly. 

Posted in Health by Meghan Belnap on Jul 16, 2019 at 12:00 am

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