4 Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds That Thrive in the Backyard

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Getting a dog can be an amazing experience for your family. But if you have kids, you likely, and rightly, have concerns about how well a new dog will respond to your children. While much of this equation comes down to the age of your children, their personalities and the individual dog’s personality, certain breeds have great reputations with children. Just because a dog is a specific breed doesn’t mean they will all act the same way. Here are four of the most kid-friendly dog breeds that love being both inside and outside. If your family is looking to rescue a dog, here are some things to consider and prepare before adding a new member to the family.

Prepping for the Dog

Before you bring any dog into your home, you must first make the proper preparations for it.
You need to prepare yourself for the commitment. First, you need to decide if getting a dog is really the right decision. You will be responsible for caring for it throughout its life, which could be fifteen years or longer.  You need to realize that you really shouldn’t have an outside only dog. You will have to prepare financially and be ok that you will be buying food, medicine, vet visits, potential fees if you rent, and will have to find someone to take care of the dog when you go vacation. These aren’t drawbacks when you realize all the love the new four pawed family member will bring to your family, but you should make a conscious effort to accept the terms that come with the responsibility.

You will need to prep your home.  These are breeds that love to roam, play, and exercise and are stimulated in a yard, but they may want to come inside to escape the harsh environment. They are social animals that will want to be around you and your family. Then, you need to prepare your home adding or mending a fence for its safety, adding a dog door and buying all the items your new dog will need such as bowls and a crate. Vinyl fencing  is great for dogs because it won’t give way to chewing or clawing.  You want to make sure your new pupper won’t run away, especially if it’s bored and curious about what’s beyond your home’s walls. 

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds for families for a reason. These medium-sized, gentle dogs are great with kids and highly affectionate. Some labs have a more mellow personality while others are more energetic, but they will thrive with enough playtime in the backyard.

Bull Terrier

If you are looking for a small dog with a big and fun personality, a Bull Terrier might be the right choice for your family. Bull Terriers are a sturdy, hardy breed that enjoy time with their humans either playing or relaxing in the backyard. They are free-thinkers and will need obedience training to be their best.


Beagles are cute, charming and on the smaller side for families looking for a smaller dog. They have fun personalities which are sure to delight children and they make very loving companions. Because they are hounds, they do howl, so be prepared for that.


Collies have a long reputation as being fond of children and making loyal family pets. They are considered intelligent, loyal and very regal. Collies come in both rough and smooth varieties and will need regular grooming to keep their coats healthy. They will need regular exercise such as walks and playtime in your backyard.

There are so many benefits to having a dog. Kids that grow up in a household with dogs tend to learn responsibility and be more resistant to developing allergies. If you get the right dog for your kids, it will be an amazing companion for life.

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