4 Dog Breeds That Are Easy on Allergies

By Lizzie Weakley 33 days ago at 12:00 am

Dog breeds

Roly-poly puppies are adorable, but does Fido send you into a sneezing fit? An estimated ten percent of people worldwide suffer from pet allergies, so you’re not alone. If your partner or child has been begging to add a fluffy friend to the family, consider one of these four dog breeds that are less likely to make your eyes water or your nose run.

Yorkshire Terrier

This pocket-sized dog is more than just a pretty face. Yorkies are known for their outgoing personalities and ease of obedience training, but the most important thing about these tiny terriers is that they don’t shed. You can breathe easier without all that fur flying through the air, and the Yorkie’s small size means that there will be a lot less dander overall. Keep in mind that the Yorkie’s long coat and lack of shedding means you will be making a lot of trips to the groomer.


The Maltese is another small terrier breed that doesn’t shed. Maltese have also been shown to produce less of an irritant called glycoprotein that is responsible for many allergy symptoms in people, and their gentle, playful nature makes them great family dogs. If you want a lower-maintenance pet, look for short-coated Maltese puppies for sale.

Shih Tzu

With its silky, flowing coat, the Shih Tzu looks anything but allergy-friendly. However, this lovely lapdog is perfect for allergy-afflicted owners because its fur is actually a type of fine hair. Having hair instead of fur means this affectionate little dog produces less dander and sheds less than other breeds. The Shih Tzu is also happy indoors, which is good news for those who suffer from seasonal allergies.


The poodle is a classic dog breed that comes in a variety of sizes from the large standard poodle to the tiny toy poodle, and all poodle variations are considered hypoallergenic. Originally bred for retrieving waterfowl, the poodle has a curly, water-resistant coat that doesn’t shed. You can also enjoy your hypoallergenic companion for many years because poodles are one of the longest-lived dog breeds.

Although some dog breeds are less likely to provoke allergies, no dog is truly hypoallergenic. If your furry friend still makes you sniffle and sneeze, there are many options to ease your allergies. Ask your doctor about over-the-counter allergy medications, homeopathic allergy remedies or allergy shots. Bathing your dog frequently helps reduce dander and other allergens like dust and pollen that dogs can carry in their coats.

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