Wobble Ball

Your pup loves to play, and there is nothing more exciting than when food is part of the equation! The P.L.A.Y. Wobble Ball Toy is a treat dispensing toy which will provide hours of interactive fun and enrichment for your dog. Simply put a treat in and reward your dog for their persistence and intelligence!

  • Made using tough and durable Polycarbonate and ABS thermoplastic
  • Uniquely shaped to roll around unpredictably and coupled with the sound and sight of dog treats spinning inside, this toy is sure to tease and captivate man's best friend
  • Certified 100% dishwasher safe
  • Designed with strong threading to allow parts to be easily cleaned and to stay secure when in use
  • Provides your pup with hours of stimulating interactive fun
  • Comes with 3 cloud-shaped openings for easy insertion and removal of treats. The sizes of the openings range from 1.2" x 0.75" (smallest) to 1.55" x 1.0" (largest)

The Wobble Ball Toy is not a chew or fetch toy,but a fun interactive play toy for your pup. Supervise your dog while playing. If you have an aggressive chewer, we do not recommend this toy.



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Awesome interactive toy.....

As soon as my dog found out that a snack would come out, if she continued to roll the Wobble ball, she was just so excited...and played with it for quite a long time...what a unique product to enhance fun and exercise......safe, durable and innovative. Thanks P.L.A.Y.

Great products!!

I purchased the Wobble Toy and love watching my dog (22 lbs) play with it, nudge it with his nose, and then chase it around for treats! His eyes really light up from after interacting with the toy. Great idea!

They Love Their Wobble Ball

I bought the Wobble Ball in the lime color for my two miniature dachshunds and they played with it as soon as I set it on the floor. This is without any doubt their new favorite toy! Great idea.

GREAT product!!

My dog needs a lot of play time and attention. She's very smart, but highly food-motivated. We have a whole planter full of toys, most of which she ignores unless we're available to play tug. The Wobble Ball is GREAT. We have a screened-in porch and she self-entertains long enough for us to get things done. Even when it's empty, she likes to bring it inside and roll it around. She really loves it, and so do we! Only issue- it came open once and, although she's small (Doxie-Pin), it took her about half a second to bite the end off the plastic carrot inside. Otherwise, very durable and entertaining!

Keeps My Dog Engaged

I really love the Wobble Ball and am glad I purchased it for my dog. He is an aggressive chewer, so I was afraid he would break it up after the first couple of plays, but after multiple times playing with it, it's still in one piece! It took him a little while to figure out how to get the treats out, but isn't that the point? I think it's a great, engaging product that keeps my dog from getting bored. I do put it up, however, after he successfully gets all the treats out, to keep him from breaking it or becoming confused (since the point IS to get all the treats out!) . I think it's also very reasonably priced, especially since he chews up and destroys most of his toys within minutes!


After a couple of days of being afraid of it, my Pug finally started playing with it. She figured it out in a couple of minutes. I've tried treats of different sizes. I think the holes need to be smaller or something. She rolls that thing over a couple of times and it's like winning the lottery to her. Still a great idea, it just needs some tweeks.


I bought the Wobble Ball as a Christmas present for my puppy in hopes to make her use her brain to get the food. However she is mainly a fetch and tug-of-war kind of puppy so she doesn't have much interest in the Wobble Ball. I love it though. It's great quality and easy to take apart and put back together. It is adorable as well! I hope she gains more interest!

Keeps my Yorkie Busy

I love this toy, it is cleverly designed and keeps my yorkie entertained while I'm at work. There are a few things I would change, however. I wish they would make a "small dog" version. Smaller overall, smaller holes and lighter weight product. It takes quite a bit of effort to push it over and he's kind of a scaredy dog.

Great slow feeder

We use the Wobble Ball as a slow feeder for our dog. When we head out we fill the Wobble with his food and he gets to stimulate his mind knocking the ball about to earn his food. He loves it!

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One Size: 5.19" (diameter) x 5.1"

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