Durable Pet Beds

Durable Dog Beds

We know comfort and style are of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing your dog’s bed. But we also know that these mean nothing if your pooch’s pad won’t last. That’s why P.L.A.Y. emphasizes durability in all of our products, especially pet beds and crate pads.

Our durable dog beds can withstand any pup—whether it’s your little tyke who’s an experienced chewer, or your big buddy who’s the tough guy on the block. Our sustainable material offers comfort, style, and the long-lasting quality you need to be assured your furry friend will always rest easy. 

Not only can our durable pet beds handle your dog, but they can also withstand your washer and dryer. We know you don’t have time for tricky disassembly, only to reassemble later—and you shouldn’t have to. Just throw our washable dogs beds in whole, and pop them in the dryer when you’re done. Our beds are built to last, which means less work and more P.L.A.Y.