Luxury Cat Beds

Some might call it a dog bed, but P.L.A.Y. pet beds aren't made for just one special creature. We believe that every animal, cat, dog or whatever animal brings you joy, deserves a warm, comfortable place to sleep. Our chill pads, snuggle beds and other products make great luxury cat beds, as well as dog beds. Durable and stylish, our beds are available in multiple sizes to accommodate your pet’s needs.

Your furry feline will enjoy the plush fabrics and ergonomic design, while you will enjoy the myriad of designs available and the easy maintenance. All of our luxury pet beds are made with pets, owners and the environment in mind – so you can feel good about spoiling your pet with a designer cat bed. So, no matter your style or your pet’s taste, your can both rest easy that P.L.A.Y has a cozy bed to fit both your needs.