Keep Your P.L.A.Y. Bed Looking Like New!

Let’s face it: pet beds get dirty. We’ve all sniffed the lovely wet-dog scent, cleaned up the muck that our pets love to drag in, and seen our pup roll in who-knows-what. Momo is definitely not an exception. That's why we created our P.L.A.Y. products with people in mind. Every single pet bed, mat and pillow is 100% washer and dryer friendly. Here are a few steps to keeping your P.L.A.Y. product looking and feeling like new:

Since both the fillers and duvets are all 100% washable, first determine if you just need to clean the cover (shedding season, a little dirt, etc.) or the whole bed (oops, Fido had an accident). If it’s just the cover, unzip and remove the filler, zip the cover securely and toss it in the washer and dryer! (We recommend cold water and gentle low heat cycle for the settings.)

If the whole bed needs cleaning, toss it into the washer as is. (For best results, we recommend keeping the cover on.) This step is much easier with a front-loading machine; with our large pet beds we even recommend taking them to a laundromat or dry-cleaner to ensure that the filler keeps it shape. Do NOT force your P.L.A.Y. bed into a top-loading machine if it does not fit easily. Make sure to use the “low agitation” setting with cold water. We do not recommend washing your bed with items with sharp edges to avoid tearing. 

Lastly, pop the whole thing in the dryer! Keep the setting on gentle tumble-dry, low heat.

Voila! Your pet bed is now clean and ready to use!