As a Warm Bellies grant recipient, the Quincy Animal Shelter received a set of Chill Pads to help their dogs and cats keep warm in the concrete & steel environment of the shelter. The dogs sleep on Kurunda beds, which are plastic, so the Chill Pads give them a cozy feel that is especially helpful in the chilly winter months. Meet Jasmine, one pup currently waiting for her forever home.

Jasmine is a three-year-old Lab Mix. She arrived at Quincy Animal Shelter on January 31, 2013 as an owner surrender. Her surrendering owner had Jasmine for just a few months, prior to that she was being kept by a backyard breeder who bred her at least three times in her first three years of life. While she was at a normal weight when she got to us, she was said to be severely underweight when leaving the backyard breeder. Jasmine has a big bark to match her large 65-lb frame, but inside she has a soft marshmallow streak. A cat in her previous home had kittens, and Jasmine was a nurturing second mom to them, cleaning them as if they were her own.

Jasmine is very playful and has a signature "kangaroo hop" that she displays whenever she's taken to the outdoor pens for play time. "Jasmine bounces around the exercise pen like she is wearing springs!" according to Christina, a dog-walking volunteer.

The Quincy Animal Shelter is a volunteer-run organization. The Shelter relies completely on volunteers and the community for support. Since 1999 the Quincy Animal Shelter has placed more than 5,000 cats and dogs into loving and forever homes through out MA and New England.

  • As a "no kill" shelter, they make every effort to find the right home for every animal in our care. This means they  exercise the same ethical and humane treatment of animals in the facility that you would for your own family feline or canine friend. Every animal receives age-appropriate vaccinations and, if old enough, is spayed or neutered before finding its forever family.
  • The shelter is limited to a maximum of 12 dogs and 15 to 25 cats, depending on ages and condition of the cats. The Quincy Animal Shelter's dream is to eventually find a larger facility so that they can continue their mission on a larger scale and serve the continuous needs of the community and the animals. Please visit their Volunteer and Wish List pages to find out about ways you can help.

Visit the Quincy Animal Shelter's website and Facebook page for more information about how they are helping less fortunate animals. To learn more about P.L.A.Y.'s Warm Bellies Initiative with the Petfinder Foundation, visit