Dogs have been hard at work for thousands of years. Modern day working dogs can be found herding sheep in the Great Plains, eradicating the rat problem in NYC or sniffing out explosives at LAX. We at P.L.A.Y. know there are other, very important, jobs that dogs are doing every day and that offices all over the U.S. are the daytime hotspots for some hard working pooches.

P.L.A.Y. has two regular office dogs, Momo, the pug and Squish, the French bulldog. They act as our unofficial product testers and quality control managers. In the morning they test out the variety of Garden Fresh toys to make sure the squeakers still work. Then a quick nap in a lounge bed before moving on to a tug of war battle with the Giant Squid ensuring product durability. Momo and Squish wrap up the day cuddled up in a Snuggle Bed confirming the plush comfort.

Momo at work - Take Your Dog to Work Day

Studies have shown that having a dog in the workplaces lowers stress. The team at P.L.A.Y. couldn’t agree more. Our office dogs certainly reduce our stress and make us smile every day. We hope that you brought your dog to work today and that they help you collate papers, give presentations and solve that Excel pivot table problem you’ve been trying to solve for days.

Squish at work - Take Your Dog to Work Day

Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day from Momo and Squish!

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