Another year had come and gone, now millions of people around the world are starting 2013 with new resolutions. Here are a few resolutions we're making with our pets in mind.

  • Get healthier. The number one resolution people make year over year is to lose weight. Just like humans, obesity in dogs is a huge health risk. Between 25-40% of the canine population is considered obese or overweight; one study even found the number to be closer to 83%! This year we're going to extend the resolution to our pets by taking longer daily walks and feeding healthier foods. 

  • Work hard, but play more. Studies have shown that Americans work more hours than our counter parts around the world. Less vacation time and longer work days can make it easy for us to take playtime for granted. This extends to our pets as well - it's shown that our pets can help reduce stress as well as improve our quality of life. Try to make it a priority to get in some quality fetching, tugging or just cuddling in with your pup. 

  • Give back. Through our Warm Bellies Initiative we've been able to help give hundreds of less fortunate pets warmer bellies, but we'd like to do more. There are millions of dogs around the country that are sad, lonely and without a home. Spend some time volunteering at your local shelter or rescue group. The time you spend walking and playing with a homeless pet is invaluable to them and will be so rewarding for you.

These are just a few of our resoltions for 2013, what about you? Leave us a comment below!