You've found the design you love! It will fit right into your decor and Fluffy's collar matches perfectly! But wait... what size do you need? Is Fluffy a small or a medium? Or maybe you want to buy it for Fluffy's bulldog best friend, Spike. Does he need a large or an extra large? 

Don't worry! Our office dogs Squish and Corbin are here to help. We asked them to take some time out during their busy day of product testing to compare bed sizes.

Do you have a large dog? Our friend Corbin is a 75-pound black lab. You can see the small and the medium lounge beds are way too small for him. If your large dog likes to feel like he's being given a warm hug while he's in bed then maybe the large is the right size for him. If he likes a little room to stretch out those long legs after a walk you might want to go with the extra large.

What size dog bed do you need?

French Bulldog Squish is a dense 23 pounds. All muscle if you ask him. Here he is trying out all four lounge bed sizes. He fits in the small but prefers a little more leg room so usually opts for the medium. The large and extra large are a bit too big for him to use solo but he enjoys cuddling with Corbin in the extra large.  

What size dog bed do you need?

What size of P.L.A.Y. bed does your dog sleep in? Want to know what size your dog should get? Ask us in the comments below and we would be happy to help you select the right size for your dog!