Being an adorable pug can be tough,ok who I am kidding since last week I got to visit the Big Apple for the NY NOW Gift Show. 

Momo take on the Big Apple

Products featured: Garden Fresh Apple Toy & Skulls & Roses Lounge Bed

Landed in New York City! A black car picked me up to take me to my accommodations – this is how I do it. These little legs are more for show and I wasn’t about to test them on the subway.

Black Car Service

Product featured: Pumpkin Chill Pad

As Chief Pug Officer I am always on the job whether its product testing, modeling our newest award-winning lounge beds or greeting potential clients with lots of snuggles and kisses. 

Momo on Tower of Lounge Beds with Toys

Products featured: Urban Denim Lounge Bed, Royal Crest Lounge Bed & Holiday Toys

The city streets are full of interesting smells and yummy treats, but I could tell my human was dog tired so we took a break. Can you tell which photo was taken after I ate my tasty Bocce's Bakery treats?

Break Time in NYCTreat time from Bocce's Bakery

Back to work and sometimes even I need to get some beauty rest. My Bamboo Lounge Bed is comfy and its elevated sides keeps everything in the right places if you know what I mean (I’ve got some love rolls from all those treats). Tongue out, don't care!

Momo passed out in Bamboo Lounge Bed

Product Featured: Bamboo Lounge Bed

I asked my team for a pumpkin latte and they gave me a Garden Fresh Pumpkin Plush Toy – not amused.

Momo & the Garden Fresh Pumpkin Toy

Product Featured: Garden Fresh Pumpkin Toy

I made an appearance at BarkBox Headquarters for a meeting. Checking that one off my pug bucket list! I found my space in this big office and the perfect vantage point to locate their treats ;)

Momo at BarkBox

Momo at BarkBox

I made some new friends - so many pups so little time - watch out humans this pug is on a mission!

Momo makes friends at BarkBox

I held a meeting to discuss my upcoming products coming to BarkBoxs soon. My human got us lost and we ended up in the wrong conference room. I bet these things don't happen to my friend Hamliton the Pug

Momo in BarkBox Conference Room

Hey where are all the P.L.A.Y. beds at? I am going to need to talk to their Canine Resources Department ASAP these pups deserve to lounge and snooze in luxury.

P.L.A.Y. Beds

New York you are perfect, oh paw-lese don’t change a thing! Until we meet again because New York is always a good idea…


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Does your dog get a Barbox? If you get the small Barkbox keep an eye out for a Zucchini plush toy from P.L.A.Y.

Check out these pups already enjoying their veggies!

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Do you ever wonder where that labrador got that adorable collar or what store the fun toy the yorkie is playing with came from? Chances are those cool new toys, treats and accessories came from a monthly subscription box. Monthly mail-order services have come a long way from the jam of the month club. Check out these subscription boxes that might make Fido think twice about barking at the mailman. 

Good Day Dog

Good Day Dog - Monthly Collar Subscrition

People change their wardrobe to keep up with current trends and adapt to the seasons. Now your dog can stay current too! Good Day Dog is a fun new monthly service that sends your dog a brand new stylish collar. I mean, would you be caught dead in a Christmas sweater in July? I think not! Don't let your dog suffer from such a disasterous "faux-paw". Sign up for Good Day Dog and wait excitedly at the mailbox for stylish neckwear! 

Curious what to do with all those past-season collars? You can send the gently used collars back to to Good Day Dog have them donated to a local shelter or rescue organization.

Cost: $15/month. Free Shipping.




BarkBox is arguably the most popular and well-known dog specific monthly subscription box and dogs love it! P.L.A.Y. office dog, Squish looks forward to his BarkBox every month. He loves to try out the new treats and discover fun new toys he can share with Momo. There are a lot of boxes like BarkBox out there but the quality and variety of the BarkBox is hard to beat and 10% of all proceeds go to a local shelter or rescue organization.

Cost: $19/month (when you order 6 month subscription). Free Shipping.



DoggieLawn Monthly Subscription

Being from San Francisco, our dogs Momo and Squish know that green spots to do your business are few and far between on the mean streets of the city. Subscribe to DoggieLawn and get a "backyard in a box" delivered to your door twice a month. City-dwelling, urban dogs will appreciate the patch of hydroponically grown, soil-less grass and pet parents will appreciate the easy cleanup and reduction of global greenhouse gasses.

Cost: Starting at $50/month. Free shipping.



PoopBuddy Subscription Poop Bag Service

You know you've been there. Fido has to go and you are out of poop bags. You have a reciept from Whole Foods in your pocket. Fingers crossed it's a small one!

With PoopBuddy you'll never have to resort to the scrap-paper pick up again. Subscribe to recieve an assortment of eco-chic poop bags in your mailbox each month. You'll get enough bags to pick up the remains of three walks a day and the trendy patterns and eco-friendly materials will make you the talk of the neighborhood! Also cool? 10% of proceeds go to WWF and dog rescue organizations.

Cost: $8/month (when you order 6 month subscription). Free Shipping.


Do you subsrcibe to any of these fun services? What do you think of them? Did we miss one that you love? Let us know!

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