Momo here. The last few months, I have been a jetsetting pet! I've been to Orlando, Chicago, New York, LA, you name it. Even with all of the traveling, you know I will always make time for my beauty sleep.

In the upcoming months, we'll be heading to Houston (for the Collars for a Cause Gala and the Houston Pet Expo on April 13th and 14th), NJ (for the HH Backer Spring Show on April 18th), and even Germany (for Interzoo on May 20th)! It's no wonder my parents designed a Voyager Lounge Bed!

Isn't McGraw cute?

If you attend any of our upcoming shows, make sure to come say hi! I'll never pass up the opportunity to be ooohhhed and aaawwwed over. I'll try my best to be awake... but a girls gotta get her sleep.  Anything under 18 hours is unacceptable. Just sayin'.

xoxo, Momo