October is Adopt-a-Dog-Month! While many of us would LOVE to adopt as many dogs as possible (me included), it just isn't realistic or healthy. But that doesn't mean you can't help - this month show your support and donate to a local rescue group or shelter. Donate doesn't always have to be monetary either. Here are a few other greate ways to contribute.

  • Pet Food. A leftover can of wet food your pup hated. All of those sample bags you get from attending pet events. Or even, just going out and buying a bag from your local grocery store.
  • Toys. My pup's toy chest looks like its overly full and ready to tip over. Many of the items in there she doesn't even want anymore (or never liked in the first place). Hey, someone's trash is someone else's treasure.
  • Bedding. What do you do with the old bed that you replaced with an awesome new designer dog bed? You donate it! Just make sure to wash the cover first :).
  • YOUR TIME! Many of these pups just crave personal attention. Often, shelters and rescue groups are short handed and staff members pread their time thinly. By volunteering, you're giving a needy pup the walk that he's been dying for, the belly scratch that he misses so much, or just the nose nudge that makes him feel loved.

This October, please remember all of the shelter dogs that need our help! And if you ARE in the market for a new family member, Pedigree said it best, "Don't pity a shelter dog, adopt one!"

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Momo here. I know it has been awhile since my last post, but as you know – divas are busy. I’ve been traveling, photo shooting, and all-in-all just being pretty fabulous. Since Dad is holding a Model Search with LIFE+DOG, I thought I’d take time out of my busy schedule to give all the entrants some tips. Lucky you.  

First, get yourself bathed and groomed. Stinky is not a fashion statement. I mean, look at Mickey Rourke – one day the guy is fashion model worthy, the next he’s jacked up and looking like a pro wrestler. (Downgrade).

Second, practice your poses! As Tyra Banks always says, “smile with your eyes.”  (Wait, you’ve never heard that? Oh. Em. Gee. Quickly, go back and watch all ten zillion seasons of America’s Next Top Model.) Go ahead, try it. Not like that… no, you’re doing it wrong. Wow – do I have to show you everything?  Here is the perfect model face – I call it my Pooch Steel.

Third, find a signature move. Sure there are tons of pugs in the world – but there is only one that always sticks her tongue out and is named Momo. Yep – that’s copyrighted, so don’t go sticking your tongue out now.

Fourth, get your beauty sleep! You need 15-16 hours AT THE LEAST. No one wants to see you if you're off of your game - or if you have a ton of crusty sleep in your eyes.

Lastly, don’t always look at the camera. I like to look off to the side and look like I’m really yearning for something - you know, like world peace or something. To get that look – I think about bacon. Works everytime.

 Make sure to check out other puppy models for tips too – I personally LOVE Isabella (that girl is the Heidi Klum of puppy modeling) and am so jealous of her gorgeous hair. Hm... do you think they can put extensions in mine?

Now, take these suggestions and go work it! Good luck!

xoxo, Momo

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It's that time of the year again - most kids dread it, most parents look forward to it, and most dogs... get a little confused about it. Back to school can be a stressful time for families, but the transition can also be especially hard for dogs who are set in a routine. Your dog has gotten comfortable with the constant attention during summer - with kids (and teachers) going back to school, she can get confused with all of the alone time. To alleviate anxiety and boredom, here are some great trips to help your four-legged family member adjust to the fall.

  • Don't make it a big deal when you leave - your dog can sense your anxiety for leaving, so if you're relaxed it will help fido relax. If possible, turn on a radio or tv for background noise.
  • If your dog is food motivated, play hide-n-seek! If your dog has free roam of your house, leave little treats in random spots (I like to put some under my dog's bed, underneath throw pillows, etc.) and have him forage for food throughout the day!
  • Leave something to keep your pup occupied! We love interactive toys like Kyjen's Puzzle Toys. (Momo loves the squirrels in a tree). 

  • If your dog gets seperation anxiety, keep her in a smaller area. Whether a crate or laundry room - many dogs feel safe in smaller sheltered area. If your pup isn't crate trained - don't start the same day as back to school... you're just going to create additional anxiety. If you're going to be gone for a long stretch of time, ask someone to come let your pup out. It's not fair to keep her confined for so long without access to the bathroom.
  • Try a doggy day care! This is such a GREAT way to keep your dog socialized and to wear him out! Before dropping your pup off, make sure to check to do your research. A doggy day care should be clean and spacious and have enough trained professionals to handle the rowdy group. When you dog comes home he should be happy and content, not anxious and stressed.
  • Finally, don't make it a big deal when you come home. Parents make sure to have your kids for your pup to settle down before greeting him. This can take a few minutes - but after awhile, your pup will get the routine and will be excited (and relaxed) when the kids come home.

How does your dog cope with you leaving? Leave us a comment below!

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