Ten years ago, life changed. The memory is vivid - just past 6AM (PST), I woke up to my mom's frantic phone call. All she said was "Turn on the TV. Now." Like millions of people across the country (and around the world for that matter), I watched in horror... helplessly. I watched as our country experienced one of the most horrific and tragic acts of terror in history.

Now, ten years later, it is so important for us to look back and to never forget. Never forget the 2,976 souls we lost that day. Never forget the thousands of people who came together to help during our country's time of great despair. Never forget the servicemen and women who worked relentlessly to bring hope and healing.

On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, it’s also important that we never forget those that are often forgotten - the 300 search and rescue dogs that worked tirelessly to bring comfort and closure. As a heartfelt memorial, Kenn Bell, creator of the Dog Files, compiled this beautiful montage to commemorate the four-legged heroes.

Kenn truly says it best, " ...300 of them proved, without a doubt, that they were indeed man’s best friend."