Pit Bulls are wonderfully lovable and loyal dogs that are often misunderstood due to negative stereotypes. Tomorrow is Pit Bull Awareness Day – help us educate and change the perception so many people have about this amazing breed.

Once known as “The Nanny Dog” for their intelligence, and loving and loyal nature; the very same traits are now causing people to label them as aggressive or dangerous. It’s their undoubted desire to please their family, their pack, that has been abused by people all around the world. We want to make it clear, that any dog – no matter size, breed or stereotype – can be aggressive. On the other side of that same coin, any dog – no matter size, breed, or stereotype – can be a loving addition to your family. Puppies that are socialized, trained, and treated well, can grow into mature and well-behaved canine citizens. Additionally, dogs have this amazing ability to persevere and forgive. Abused and mistreated dogs can often be rehabilitated and learn to trust again – with patience and training, abused dogs can become amazing family members, despite their horrible history.

Case and point – the Vicktory Dogs. Football star and dog abuser (we know him for the latter), Michael Vick bred, fought, tortured and killed a number of innocent dogs. These dogs experienced years of deplorable circumstances.  Many national rescue groups called for the euthanization of the dogs, saying they were unable to be rehabilitated. Thanks to the ASPCA and public outcry, these dogs were given a second chance. Out of the 49 dogs seized, 48 were taken to rescues, sanctuaries, fosters and adopters around the country. One had experienced too much horror; and the ASPCA deemed that she was unfit to be rehomed and should no longer live in fear.

Today, the Vicktory Dogs have become Pit Bull Ambassadors. Despite the emotional, physical and psychological abuse, these amazing dogs have endured and show people what forgiveness and perseverance looks like.

Here at P.L.A.Y. we are firmly against Breed Specific Legislation and believe that dogs should not be stereotyped because of their age, breed, color, size or any other random factor. Every dog should be given a fair chance at a fulfilling life. Pit Bulls make wonderful family members, hiking buddies, running partners, couch potatoes, snugglers, and companions. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

One of our P.L.A.Y. pack members is a Pit Bull – and while she can be a little rowdy and diva-ish at times, she is the definition of love.

If you have a Pit Bull-type breed (cause we know any dog that even resembles the breed, is called a Pit Bull), please share your photos and stories!