This past month, we had a great photo contest with Dog-Milk. Entrants submitted photos of their pups for a chance to win a Cameo bed from our Artist Collection. We got some amazing submissions; dogs with no beds, dogs who chewed up their beds, and dogs whose beds were just too small. It was a tough decision narrowing down all of entrants to just five finalists – but we left the harder decision to you, the people.

After a week of voting, Preston, the absolutely adorable pit-bull won over all our hearts (how could he not, with that sad face!) and became the winner of our first ever photo contest. We loved this little guy so much; we reached out to his human, Ken Decost to learn more about their story together.

Ken told me he’s always been a dog person, but has never owned one himself. While visiting his parent’s house on the East Coast during the holidays, he spent a majority of the time hanging out with the family boxer. Seeing how much fun he was having, Ken’s father suggested he get a dog of his own – he even offered to get Ken one for a Christmas present! (That’s my kind of dad!) Once he returned home to Southern California, Ken took no time to begin his search for the perfect pup. On a random visit to a local breeder, Ken met 11 six-week-old American Pit Bulls. Little did he know, that day he would be meeting and taking home his new best friend, Preston.

Interesting name you say? There’s really no story behind it – Ken loved the name and it fit the little blue guy perfectly. I think it makes him sound regal. :)

It’s been over 3 years since Preston found his forever home, and what an amazing few years they have been! Ken and his girlfriend Samantha are true doggy parents – making sure to not stay out too late if Preston isn’t with them, and often buying more things for him than for themselves (sounds familiar… :).

Living in California, Preston often gets to go to the beach - he loves to swim!

While Preston can be handful, he’s also a Pit Bull Ambassador. He loves to go on vacation, traveling coast to coast with Ken and Samantha.People are generally surprised when they find out Preston is a pit-bull, particularly since he isn’t the big scary monster, stereotypes often make pit-bulls out to be. More than visiting all the fun locations, he LOVES staying in hotels (and jumping on beds too!).

A few months ago, Preston wasn’t feeling so hot. While Ken didn’t want to leave him alone, he had some errands to run. When he got home – he was greeted to a sad pup and a not so pleasant smell. To say the least, Preston’s bed was ruined. Fortunately he entered our contest and the people responded! The majority vote believed that Preston was the most worthy of a new bed from P.L.A.Y. – so he won! Check out how comfy he looks!

Preston, we hope you and your humans love the new bed – we’d love to see more pics in the future!

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 This year, we’re so excited to be participating in some upcoming pet and dog shows around the country! As dates get closer, we’ll be sure to fill you in on the all the details here on our blog as well as on our Facebook page and Twitter. So come out and P.L.A.Y., here’s where we’ll be in the upcoming weeks.

This weekend, you can find P.L.A.Y. at the 107th Annual Golden Gate Kennel Club in San Francisco at the Cow Palace. In addition to the all-breed dog show there will be a flyball demostration and a fashion show to top it off! We'll have a lot of different beds on hand for purchase, so come and get your pup an early Valentine's Day present!


On February 9th you can find P.L.A.Y. at CityDog’s annual Puppy Love MuttMixer at the swanky W Hotel in Seattle. If you live in the area, dress to impress and bring your furry valentine for some fun and mingling over drinks! We’ll be setting up a couple puppy lounges featuring our beds, so make sure to come by and say hi. For more information visit CityDog’s website.


We’ve got a few other events on the horizon, so check back here for more details. Also, make sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates as well! Not in your area? What events would you love to see P.L.A.Y. at?

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The moment we first set our eyes on Momo, we knew we were in trouble. A squirmy little ball of fur, she had a perfect round body and a cinnamon-bun tail. From the minute we took her home, off she went - snorting, sniffing and exploring her way through her new environment – all while making those cute pug noises. Boy, were we in trouble. The little thing tugged at our heartstrings and brought out a side of us we never even knew existed. Our weekdays were soon filled with mini-chases around the living room and our weekends consumed with long walks. We began mingling with other dog owners in the Bay Area and found a community filled with people just like us; people whose dogs weren’t just pets, but truly members of the family. 

Momo managed to change not only our day to day lives, but also our perspective. Our mornings were never the same again. It always brought a smile to our faces when we’d wake up to her little grunts and snores, with her warm fuzzy body curled up next to us. Even though we loved sharing our bed with Momo, we wanted to give her a one of her own. We spent weeks hunting for the perfect bed but soon found that many were just not up to snuff. 

That’s when we realized we could do better. 

We decided to start from scratch and in the process we developed a new way of looking at things. We made it our goal to create comfortable beds without sacrificing style. We partnered with local artists in San Francisco and worked closely with them to create designs not just for dogs but for the dog lovers as well. At the same time, we examined countless types of materials and fabrics to ensure that our dog beds aren’t just pleasing to the eye, but durable and good for Mother Nature as well. 

Looking back, it’s amazing to think that the day we introduced Momo into our lives was the beginning of a new chapter for us. Our love for her inspired us to create P.L.A.Y. 

At P.L.A.Y. we don’t just make ordinary dog beds, we make beds for beloved four- legged family members, and we hope that’s something you feel when your dog goes to sleep every night.

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