Momo has been living it up in the Big Apple at NY NOW, a home and lifestyle event. Being the fashionista that she is, she has attracted a lot of attention from the Pugarazzi...


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Here are some of the many faces of Momo captured in an afternoon photo shoot as she stepped out for quick bite to eat.

Faces of Momo

 Don't worry, Momo found a way to dodge the Pugarazzi in P.L.A.Y.'s booth and the team has been very helpful in making sure that she is not spotted by providing a fun and interactive display with lots of distractions!

P.L.A.Y. NY Now Booth

 Momo was able to take her afternoon nap in peace and she earned every minute of that beauty sleep. It's not always easy being in the spotlight, but Momo makes it look effortless. 

Momo Napping

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