Living in the country and owning a dog seems to go hand and hand, and there are several breeds of dog that are naturally energetic and need plenty of room. The following are five breeds that need extra space to thrive. Each would make the perfect companion for country living.

Country Dogs

Border Collie

While all types of Collies need plenty of room, Border Collies are a high-energy breed that need lots of space for exercise or playing games that involve running. These dogs are also one of the more intelligent breeds. Keeping them confined to small spaces could lead to boredom and bad behavior. Border Collies are climbers and jumpers. Make sure any Lynx Brand Fence Products Ltd. fencing in the yard is tall enough to keep them inside.

Country Dogs

Australian Shepherd

These dogs are easy-going, excellent with children, and need lots of room to run and play. They are natural herders and enjoy working hard. Australian Shepherds can become destructive or loud if not given enough room to run or given meaningful activities to keep them busy. The dog might even come up with his own job such as herding the kids or chasing after cars.

Country Dogs

Labrador Retriever

These dogs were originally bred to work alongside fisherman and to retrieve game. They're great with families and love to be around people. Retrievers enjoy a variety of activities including running, swimming, and playing fetch. They need quite a bit of space for daily activities as maintaining a healthy weight is sometimes difficult for these dogs.

Country Dogs


The Dalmatian has a rich history of participating in activities that involve lots of running. They were at one time used for running alongside carriages while guarding their masters. To stay happy and healthy, these dogs need plenty of open space for exercise. Dalmatians tend to roam and would benefit from a large yard that is fenced in with a Calgary fence.

Country Dogs


Boxers are strong, sturdy dogs that crave human interaction. These dogs need plenty of room to develop properly and stay in good shape. A lack of exercise can result in weakness and muscle loss. An adult Boxer needs to exercise several times a week for 30 to 45 minutes as long as the temperatures aren't too hot or cold. A backyard is sufficient as long as there is plenty of space.

While each of these breeds have different personalities and physical characteristics, they all need plenty of room to stay healthy and happy. These breeds can make the best country dogs.


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