This Momo Monday, we’d like to thank all of the brave men, women AND dogs that selflessly give their lives to help protect ours.

Many of us often forget the real reason for the holiday; not just an extra Monday off every May – Memorial Day is meant to commemorate and honor those who have died while serving our nation. With over three million people actively serving in our armed forces, let’s take a moment today to thank our servicemen and women for everything they do.

Before the mission to kill Osama bin Laden, many people were unaware of the vital role War Dogs play in our military. Military War Dogs have been serving our country since WWI – they were trained to help detect booby traps, bombs, and insurgents (amongst many other things) while also being fierce companions for their handlers and crew. A recent photo essay by the Foreign Policy gave us peak into all of the amazing roles these pups play. Currently there are over 3,000 active military dogs, with approximately 700 of those stationed in the Middle East.

In the past, these honored companions were euthanized after their service, but thankfully in 2000 President Clinton signed a law allowing the dogs to be adopted. Last year alone, 338 retired dogs were placed into homes, police departments and other government agencies.  Since the Osama bin Laden mission, the interest in adopting these veterans has raised significantly. Despite a waiting period of over six months, War Dog organizations say they have already received over 400 adoption applications since the raid on May 2.

If you’d like to learn more about War Dogs, including how to adopt one, visit or