Last year the Humane Society of Central Washington won two sets of Warm Bellies Chill Pads in our Voters' Choice Poll. Since then, the mats have helped provide warmer bellies to dozens (if not hundreds) of adoptable pets at the shelter! For any pets needing a little extra "snuggle," the Animal Care Technicians provide these warm, comfy dog mats! The animals cozy right in and enjoy snoozing or chewing on some toys. Knowing that adopters are attracted to calm, happy pets - the Chill Pads from P.L.A.Y.'s Warm Bellies Iniative have helped make the pets comfortable and stress-free while awaiting their forever homes. Here's just one of them, meet Jaq.


Jaq is a shy but very sweet one year old Pomeranian currently available for adoption. Found wandering in a rural area, a good samaritan brought him to the Humane Society of Central Washington knowing that they would help him find a home. Unfamiliar to his new surroundings, Jaq is a bit timid and unsure but perks up his ears and tail once he gets to know you.

Volunteers who’ve worked with Jaq say that he really just wants some quiet time right now. While very alert of his surroundings, Jaq just loves to snuggles into his Chill Pad. He will do best in a quiet home with a family that can give him lots of positive attention. To learn more about Jaq, including how to adopt him, visit his info page.

The Humane Society of Central Washington is an open-door animal care shelter, the only shelter serving Yakima County, the second largest county in Washington State (approx. 4,312 square miles). The HSCW takes in approximately 7,000 stray/unwanted companion animals (cats & dogs) each year. On average, HSCW houses approximately 140 cats/dogs per day, with approximately half of that number being adoptable on any given day. To learn more, visit their website and Facebook page. To learn more about our Warm Bellies Initiative, including how to nominate a shelter for an upcoming Voters' Choice Poll, visit

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Based in our hometown (San Francisco) we were more than happy to donate a set of Warm Bellies Chill Pads to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue- a rescue organization that specializes in rescuing, homing and educating the public on dogs 7 years and older. For years, Muttville was based in Founder Sherri Franklin's home. Thanks to growing support and generous donations, last November the rescue group moved into their first real headquarters! With the help of our Warm Bellies Chill Pads, the pups get to sleep in luxury in the new dog loft while waiting for their forever homes. Here's just one of the adorable seniors waiting to find his family - meet Mickey.

Wandering the streets of Oakland matted, dirty and entirely alone, Mickey was found by a kind-hearted woman who made the choice not to look the other way. Once it was determined that Mickey didn’t have anyone looking for him, Muttville stepped in to clean him up, nurse him back to full health, and help this little fella find a loving home he SO deserves.

Strictly speaking, Mickey is a “special needs senior” – he’s blind, and had one eye that was causing him severe pain removed -- but his foster mom says he doesn’t know he’s blind! In fact, it doesn’t take him long to acclimate to a new environment. Once he “maps out” the lay of the land in a home, he can navigate his way around just fine. Mickey doesn’t let ANY of these things slow him down! Far from it, this guy loves a good long walk (or two!)  every day and will curl up in your lap for a cuddle sesh afterwards.

Mickey is highly responsive to sound and smell, and he'd love to be your shadow, following you around wherever you go. He loves to be with his people and would do best in a home with someone who has lots of time to spend with him during the day. Mickey would do best without many obstacles (furniture moved frequently or toys on the floor, so he’d prefer a home without young kids). For more about Mickey including how to adopt him, visit Muttville's website.


Based in San Francisco, Muttville has helped save over 1700 senior pups since being founded in 2007. Every year, the number of pets rescued grows by leaps and bounds: in 2012 they averaged a dog rescued for every day - about 365 dogs a year. As Muttville continues to grow and expand they hope to increase that number and save more senior dogs. At any given time they have about 70 dogs available for adoption (either at headquarters or in foster homes), and have so far rescued 150 dogs in 2013 (that's 150 in the first 3 months!). For more information about Muttville, visit their website or Facebook page.

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One of the 49 rescued Vicktory Dogs, Handsome Dan (and many of the others) has captured the hearts of animal lovers around the globe. Despite horrific circumstances, the Vicktory Dogs showed the world their amazing ability to endure and overcome – and most of all, forgive. Handsome Dan inspired his new family to create Handsome Dan's Rescue - an organization aimed at helping dogs that are most often overlooked at local shelters. With P.L.A.Y.'s mission to help animals in need, we were more than happy to provide their rescue with a Chill Pad grant from our Warm Bellies Initiative.

Because of the grant, Handsome Dan's rescue has been able to provide cozy pet beds for the foster dogs in their program, to help keep them comfy as they wait for their forever homes.  They've also been able to give a small number of the Chill Pads to shelter dogs who have had a longer-than-normal stay at local shelters. One of their recent rescues is currently waiting for her forever family. Meet Theresa.

Theresa, an owner surrender, is a smart and loving four year old American Pit Bull Terrier. While her past is unknown, it was clear that shelter life was too much for Theresa and she started to withdraw and shut down. That’s what Handsome Dan’s Rescue stepped in.

Knowing that there was more to this pretty girl, they placed her in a foster home giving her the opportunity to really relax and show her true personality. "If I had not seen her at the shelter myself I would have never believed this beautiful girl was anything but happy. That tail that was tucked before now wags non-stop. She has so much love to share!" (Stephanie, Foster Mom)

Despite being a little shy at first, Theresa is very affectionate; she wakes up in the morning ready to shower her foster family with kisses. A calm girl, Theresa loves other dogs and is currently living with a male lab.  He helps her overcome her fears when encountering new things, so a home with another dog would be great, but she isn’t picky - she just wants a family to love and snuggle.  She is well trained, very smart and eager to please. For more information, visit her Petfinder page.

About Handsome Dan's Rescue:

Heather Gutshall, CPDT-KA, and Mark Stoutzenberger had been rescuing, training, and placing homeless dogs for many years, and founded Handsome Dan’s Rescue to help dogs who are most often overlooked at local animal shelters. (Handsome Dan is one of the 22 dogs who came to Best Friends Animal Society after the Michael Vick arrest.) HDR advocates the rescue of pit bull type dogs previously considered “unadoptable” from local shelters, and their placement through a network of volunteer foster homes. Many dogs have been rescued from severe abuse and neglect, including dog fighting. Because the dogs in the program often require extra care, including medical, training and sometimes rehabilitation, HDR is small by design. To learn more about Handsome Dan's rescue, visit their website and Facebook Page.

Through our Warm Bellies Intiative with the Petfinder Foundation, we've been able to help give hundreds of less fortunate pets, warmer bellies. To learn more about the program, visit

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