To us, being a Mother means loving something or someone as though it were your child. So while I don’t have any children yet… I do have a dog that I call my “dogter" and I love her just as much as (or more than) I would a child. With Mother’s Day in just over week, you bet I am expecting a gift from her! To help out all of you procrastinators (me included) here are some gift ideas to help put a smile on Mom's face this Mother's Day!

When it comes to moms, generally any gift will make them happy. Even if they hate it, do you think they would tell you? I think not. Obviously we don’t want to give Mom anything she doesn’t like, so try out this fail-proof gift. My mom loves family photos, so this Generations Picture Frame from Red Envelope is sure to be a hit! The customizable frame has interchangeable mats and an optional plaque that you can engrave. With a quote that reads “There is no greater love than the love shared between generations,” you’re sure to have a happy Mom on your hands. Since we have no children yet, you know I’ll be putting a picture of their four-legged grandkids in there!

For the crafty Mom, why not get her ready-to-assemble scrapbook? These books are great because moms don’t always have the time to make every individual page. You can find premade books ready for customization; they come with stickers, pins, buttons, charms, you name it. You can even buy ones that are 100 percent made -all you need to do is insert your own photos. Check out Hallmark for a great selection of instant scrapbooks, if you don’t have a Hallmark near you – has a wide variety too! My personal favorite? This adorable “Ruff: A Dog’s Life” book for your pup!

Another option? Pamper your mom EVERY month! Amazing Clubshas over 36 different monthly gift clubs you can order for your mom. Is she a wine connoisseur? No problem, Amazing Clubs will send your mom two new bottles every month! Does your mom LOVE chocolate? How does 1lb of gourmet chocolate sound? With everything from cheesecake to popcorn to steak and lobster, there is definitely something here for every mom. If you’re undecided, they can even help you customize your own Variety of the Month gift!

Now if you have a dog that’s a mom, don’t forget her!  Amazing Clubs even has a Dog Treat of the Month option. If your pup is watching her weight, pamper her with a super-comfy new bed! Make sure to check out our whole line of stylish options.

If you’re still looking for gift ideas, give the gift that you have an abundance of – your time! Mom’s want more than anything just to spend time with us, so why not make your mom feel extra special and take her out! Is your mom a fashionista? Take her out for a day of shopping! Does your mom love to cook? Take her to a cooking class! Is your mom the outdoorsy type? Perfect time for a springtime hike! Is your mom a workaholic? Pamper her with a spa day! Not sure what your mom likes to do? Take her out to dinner… everyone has to eat after all.

Whatever you decide to do, Mom will appreciate all the thought and effort. More than anything she will love spending some quality time with you. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Who doesn't love puppies? They are adorable, loveable and just so irresistable - all things that make them great presents... right? If you are thinking of gifting a puppy this year for the holidays, make sure you have considered all of these things before hand.

Does the person REALLY want a dog?

Some dogs can live up to 20+ years, making them a serious commitment. That's 20 years of food, pooper scoops, daily exercise, and vet visits. Although surprising someone with a puppy might seem like a great idea, make sure you've talked to them about it.

Can they really take care of a dog?

Many parents gift their children puppies for special occasions. And many don't quite understand the responsibility that comes along with it. Younger children often won't be able to take on the responsibility of feeding, walking and training until they are much older. While I love the idea of having puppies and kids grow up together, just know that these responsibilities will be the parents (along with the bills) until the kids are older. 

Do you know where the puppy is coming from?

Since puppies are very popular during the holiday season, this can create an influx in puppy mill breeding. Many of these poorly bred dogs have health problems and aren't socialized - they also end up in pet stores and malls. The reputable breeders generally wouldn't be able (or willing) to keep up with the high demand during Christmas. When purchasing a puppy, consider the alternatives - there are thousands of good dogs sitting in shelters, waiting for their forever home.

If you've considered all of these things, and you're ready for a puppy - congratulations!

Search for a reputable breeder, rescue group or shelter and make sure to ask lots of questions. After all, this pet will be a family member for years (even decades) to come. Responsible animal organizations make it a priority to know who and where their animals are going to, so anticipate an adoption questionaire and even a home check.

Additionally, no need to gift wrap the puppy - they're cute enough as is. If you have the urge to wrap something, they'll need a food and water bowl, a collar, leash, food and even a dog bed. We can definitely  help with the bed part - check out our website and take advantage or our Grand Opening Special while it lasts.

Happy Holidays!

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