For this week's Fun Video Friday, we found this gem of a clip: Jackson gets ready to play frisbee! What a smart pup!

Does your dog have any quirky tricks? Share below!

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Lately, we've seen a wide array of commercials targeting dog lovers - after all, over 39% of US households have at least one dog!  It's no surprise that the top three rated ads from the Super Bowl all featured four-legged stars.There's even a new TV channel created just for dogs.

At some point we've all made a purchasing decision based on our pets. That's why we personally love the new ads that are marketed towards our dogs. Subaru is a great example - they are known for being super safe and dog-friendly. (Heck, one of our P.L.A.Y. team members even traded in her mustang for a Subaru after she got her four-legged family member.) Their new campaign "Dog Tested. Dog Approved" shows dogs doing normal, everyday human things - it's just so much more awesome seeing adorable pups doing them! LOL. Subaru's YouTube channel features 14 hilarious clips of pups camping, skiing, and even going through the drive thru. Our favorite by far is when two sweet dogs, get their parking spot stolen by the sneaky cat. (How dare he!?)

What about you? Do you have a favorite pet commercial? And have you made a purchasing decision, heavily influenced by your dog? We'd love to hear about it - leave us a comment below!

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These golden retriever puppies are adorable-but yet mishchievous! We love how they work together and wait for the perfect time to "play" with the cat. When your pups were younger, did they cause a lot of trouble, or did they behave well and get along with other pets? We'd love to hear about it, leave a comment (cute puppy pics welcome), have a great weekend! 

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