With the holiday season almost over, it's time to start thinking about those New Year resolutions! While we definitely spoiled Momo with lots of treats and toys, just like with humans - everything is okay in moderation. Luckily, Momo isn't a very picky eater and is really good about eating her Kibble.

From the recommendation of her trainer, we feed Momo Dick Van Pattens Natural Balance dry dog kibble. Like the name, their products are all  natural and do not include any artificial colors or dyes. Natural Balance has a wide range of products with over 12 dry kibble recipes, 15 canned recipes and all of their soft dog food rolls too! You can find them in boutique and large chain stores nationwide, for more information check out their website here.

Momo will eat anything and everything that appears edible, but she particularly loves these Wellness brand WellBites. We think it's because as a puppy, she would get these in her training classes as a reward. Or it could be the fact that they are made with real ingredients that she loves (two types of meat!) and has no fillers like corn or soy. The WellBites come in five different flavors, but Momo's favorite is the chicken and venison recipe. Check out their website here for more of their great products.

Who doesn't love to eat in style? These raised feeding bowls from Pottery Barn not only look good, but they make feeding time more comfortable for your pet as well! Check them out here.

Even though another holiday season has passed, you can still treat your dog throughout the whole year! Check out our post from Thanksgiving for a yummy turkey loaf recipe. Here's to a great 2011!