Even though we don't have kids yet, we like to indulge Momo in all of the fun holidays. To us, she's an only child and we even call her our "dog"ter. With Easter just around the corner, you bet we'll be including her in the festivities.

What most people think about when they think of Easter is an Easter egg hunt. Just because our dogs can't decorate eggs or eat any of the hardboiled or deviled egg goodness - they can definitely still join in on the egg hunt fun. Lots of cities actually have organized events for all dogs to participate -  here in San Francisco, The Wag Hotel  just had their second annual Easter Egg hunt, with all of proceeds donated to a local non-profit. (for pictures check out their Facebook page)! Since we weren't able to go, we'll be staging a mini hunt for Momo in our house. We load plastic eggs with her favorite treats and then hide them under pillows, behind curtains, basically anywhere she can stick her little nose and paw. It's a blast seeing her so excited, and we just have a lot of fun.

Another fun part of Easter? The baskets! These are usually filled with candy, peeps, toys, you name it. And think about it, what dog doesn't like treats and toys! Baskets are super easy to make, and you can fill them with your pup's favorite treats and a new special toy. Don't have time? Check out Bisket's Baskets - they make baskets for the Dog Lover and their pets! They use healthy, high-quality treats in their baskets and they are so festive! I particularly love their Easter Good Dog Basket - with freeze-dried ice cream and peanut butter biscuits, I'm sure Momo would love this one too.

Whatever you decide to do, Easter can be a fun day for your whole family; four-legged members included.

Do you have any fun plans for Easter? We'd love to hear about it! Leave us a comment below.