Momo here. Obviously there are some things us dogs can't tell you humans - we don't bark the same language! For my humans, they know me well enough to know when I want to play, sleep, pee (cause I don't poop... ladies don't poop), or eat. But what about all the people who DON'T know me? How can I tell them not to stare at me funny, or if I need to go tinkle?

Luckily for all you humans, Lili Chin has made it easy. She has created a bunch of downloadable, dog-training related drawings to help people understand what pups, like me, are trying to say.

Every year, 4.7 million people are bit by dogs. Did you know that dog's bite when they feel scared or threatened? Since it's National Dog Bite Prevention Week, check out this pawesome drawing Lili Chin created to teach people how to properly greet a dog.

A while back, I gave you a little peak into what your dog is REALLY saying to you -  Lili Chin went a step further and created this drawing to help humans understand a dog's body language.

Personally,  I'm really digging this Lili Chin lady. She loves dogs so much, she even donates 20% of all of her commissioned drawings to Boston Buddies Rescue in California (if you prefer a different charity, pugs for example, just let her know!). So not only do you get to a super cute, and personalized drawing of your pup, you also get to feel good about yourself for helping a good cause.

So now that you know how to read a dog's body language, and how to say hi the polite way... go spread the word and help prevent dog bites!