Have you ever been called the 'crazy dog lady' or the 'obsessed with his dog' guy? Well I have... many of times! If you're on the cusp of craziness, here are 5 signs that you are becoming or have become THAT crazy dog person.

Your dog eats better than you do.

I like to treat my pet to a snack here and there, but check out this clip of a crazy couple from Animal Planet's, 'It's Me or the Dog'.  

You sleep on the corner of your bed, half covered in blankets because you don't want to wake up your pup.

How dare you wake up your pup from her beauty sleep! You can catch up on your Zzz's tomorrow.

 You kiss your dog...

Good morning, goodbye before work, over the answering machine when you call to check in, when you get home from work, after dinner, before bed... you get the idea.

Your dog has outfits or collars for special occasions.

New Christmas sweater? Check. Annual Christmas card of just your dogs? Crazy. (And no, that isn't Momo.)

There are more photos of your pooch on your Facebook, than of you.

Your profile pic is probably of your dog too, isn't it? Heck, you probably have a Twitter and Facebook account just for your dog, don't you? No need to be embarrassed...

If any of these signs sound familiar, you are well on your way to earning the title of CDP (Crazy Dog Person). If you can answer yes to each of these items... (like me) then you are past the point of turning back. But really, would you want to go back? Some call it crazy - I call it puppy love.

Happy Thursday fellow CDPs!