Some people think sweaters and coats are just silly for dogs, but to those we say, think again! Many dogs actually need winter outerwear to brave the cold outdoors! With the temperatures dipping around the country - it's important to keep your pups warm and safe.

"Isn't that what fur is for?"

Well just like people, dogs are built differently! Some pups are better suited for warm weathers (think Chihuahuas) and others have lighter coats of fur.  Consider this, a dog's belly is practically furless - imagine how uncomfortable you'd be in cold weather without any layers!

Still unsure if your pup needs a coat? Most small breed (chihuahuas, yorkies, etc.) and leaner built dogs (greyhounds) will almost definitely need some kind of insulation if subject to colder temperatures. Dogs with short hair or thin coats will probably thank you for the extra warmth a sweater will bring. Also, if your dog refuses to go outside to relieve herself in inclimate weather, try a coat.

On the other side of the coin, some breeds (like Huskies and Saint Bernards) are genetically predisposed to live in colder weather, so an extra coat or sweater could be really uncomfortable and is not advised.

Picking the right sweater

Nowadays, there are a countless number of sweaters you could buy for your dog. If your pup isn't comfortable with a coat or sweater yet, we recommend ones that are sleeveless and just wrap around the neck and belly. Make sure to pick a coat that ends at the base of the tail and is easy for your pup to move around in (walk, run, play, go to the bathroom, etc.). We're particularly fond of Ruffwear's K9 Overcoat, it's lightweight, durable, and super easy to put on and take off.

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