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This week, we’re so proud to introduce our newest line of products inspired by none other than Momo herself - our Chill Pads.  Momo LOVES going on road trips - whether to the grocery store, to the office, or to our next photo shoot (see the picture below – she was ready to go!), she’s always ready to go. But on the other hand, she also loves to be lazy and just relax. This motivated us to make something stylish and portable that can be carried around easily by today’s pet lover on the go.  

When we were designing the new Chill Pads we wanted to make sure they were up to our standards:

  • They had to be stylish: So we created four vibrant colors and made them available in four different sizes (we’ve also got a fifth color and size on the way)!
  • They had to be universal:  The pads feature a top layer with ultra-fine plush and a faux suede bottom; keeping furry tummies toasty in the winter and cool in the summer - perfect for relaxing and chilling.
  • They had to be eco-friendly: Like all of our beds, the new Chill Pads are filled with the perfect amount of our super-soft PlanetFill™ made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • And they had to be functional: Each of our dual-tone mats will not only add vibrance to your decor but they are also more dirt-resistant than the mats available on the market today. You can even put the whole thing in the washer and dryer!

And voila! They were even Momo approved – make sure to check them out and give your pup a new favorite place to chill!

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