October is Adopt-a-Dog-Month! While many of us would LOVE to adopt as many dogs as possible (me included), it just isn't realistic or healthy. But that doesn't mean you can't help - this month show your support and donate to a local rescue group or shelter. Donate doesn't always have to be monetary either. Here are a few other greate ways to contribute.

  • Pet Food. A leftover can of wet food your pup hated. All of those sample bags you get from attending pet events. Or even, just going out and buying a bag from your local grocery store.
  • Toys. My pup's toy chest looks like its overly full and ready to tip over. Many of the items in there she doesn't even want anymore (or never liked in the first place). Hey, someone's trash is someone else's treasure.
  • Bedding. What do you do with the old bed that you replaced with an awesome new designer dog bed? You donate it! Just make sure to wash the cover first :).
  • YOUR TIME! Many of these pups just crave personal attention. Often, shelters and rescue groups are short handed and staff members pread their time thinly. By volunteering, you're giving a needy pup the walk that he's been dying for, the belly scratch that he misses so much, or just the nose nudge that makes him feel loved.

This October, please remember all of the shelter dogs that need our help! And if you ARE in the market for a new family member, Pedigree said it best, "Don't pity a shelter dog, adopt one!"