Summer is right around the corner and with the weather warming up, treat your pup to some yummy goodness!

One of my dog's favorite treats is ice cream. No, not regular human ice cream - WAY too much sugar and dairy. Doggy-friendly ice cream. My local ice cream shop has non-dairy ice cream that my pup absolutely loves. They even have little dog bones they garnish the top with (perfect "cherry on top" if you ask me). If your local ice cream shop doesn't have a non-dairy option, try out some Frosty Paws! Found in the ice cream isle of most grocery stores,these yummy treats are a great way to end a hot day at the dog park.

If you dog doesn't have a sweet tooth, why not give him something meaty? Ice cubes are always a favorite way to cool down, but let's make it a little special. Freeze some low sodium beef or chicken broth and see happy your pup gets! Want something bit more gourmet? Freezy Pups sells delicious and organic treat kits to make for your pet at home. With flavors like white cheddar and banana honey, there's definitely something for every dog. And just so you don't accidently put any meat flavored ice cubes in your water, their Freezy Pup kit comes with a bone-shaped ice cube tray!

Another favorite in my house? Peanut butter. To make the treat last longer, I like to freeze peanut butter in my pup's rubber Kong toy. Another fun way to serve up some yummy peanut butter? With fruit! We all know how delicious peanut butter and apples can be - but did you know, a lot of dogs LOVE fruit too? A healthy alternative, core out your apple (the seeds are bad for dogs) and stuff it with some peanut butter.

Have you tried any of these treats? Or does your dog have another favorite summertime snack? We'd love to hear about it - leave us a comment below!