We've been to quite a few pet shows lately and have seen a ton of awesome new products! Here are a few of our "must-haves' for Momo this spring.

Our first must-have is a necessity for pugs. Now that the weather is getting warmer, Momo is beginning to shed her undercoat... a lot. Every dog needs a good de-shedding tool and it doesn't really get better than the FURminator. With products for short or long fur, small or big dogs, young or old, FURminator has something for every dog (or even cats and rabbits!). Not sure which one to get? They make it easy - check out their product selector.

San Franciscans pride themselves on being outdoorsy. In the Bay Area there are tons of beaches, hiking trails and dog parks. With all that outdoor activity, its important to stay hydrated - and we love Dog is Good's water bottle! Our second must-have has two openings: the small one up top is a dog-activated flow-controlling roller-ball dispenser (think hamster water bottle and you’re on the right track). The second opening is larger to allow for filling and cleaning, un-screw the whole top, flip it over – and you've got a cup! Brilliant.

With the sunny weather, nothing is better than just a nice long romp. Quick and easy, our P.L.A.Y. tunnel is our third must-have for spring. It pops up in seconds and provides fun for the whole pack! The compact carrying bag also makes it easy for us to bring to the park - sure to be a hit at any Pug Sunday!

What about you - what are your must-haves for this season?