In puppy training class, they teach you to reward your dog for good behavior. Some dogs love being praised, some love to be petted and some will just do anything for food. Momo is the dog that will do anything for a treat.

A few months ago we shared with you her favorite treats, but she isn't picky - she loves anything yummy. We often find ourselves rewarding her for just being so cute. You know, how can you resist the classic pug head-tilt.

From time to time, we've heard people say the smaller the dog, the smaller the brain. Not true. Pugs are incredibly quirky and smart. Some can even be divas, and have a dramatic side.

Momo has tried to steal the occasional treat from other dogs,sometimes she even succeeds. I'm sure she just thinks she deserves a taste... and besides, it's nice to share.

This pug below really has sneaking a treat, down to a science. Pretend to snuggle, ham it up a bit, and go in for the kill. :) You can't tell me that pug has a small brain.


Now Momo is a smart girl. She knows how to sit, stay, and even behaves on leash - and she's only just over a year old! As smart and obedient as she is, I don't think she will ever be as patient as this pup below who does a ton of tricks for just one snausage! Or, maybe Momo knows she doesn't have too.... Hm....

What about your dog? Are they sneaky treat stealers or do they have any fun tricks they'll do for a yummy snack?