If you're like most me, you probably have piles of "treasure" (or junk, depending on who you are) collecting dust in your closets, garage, and rooms. Well now that it's May, you know what that means... time for Spring cleaning! What if you could take all that "treasure" and help out animals in need. Motivating, huh? Check out how BlogPaws'  is helping motivate people with their Be the Change for Pets, Sell Your Stuff! Save a Life! challenge.

From May 18-25th, pet lovers around the world will be participating in the first ever online rummage sale to help pets. This truly a win-win situation, not only do you get to de-clutter your home, you also get to help your favorite shelter, rescue or charity while you do it!

Want to join in on the fun? Be The Change makes it easy to participate.

  • "Like" their Facebook page and post a comment on their wall accepting the challenge.
  • Share, Share, Share! Share the challenge with all of your friends, family members, and coworkers.
  • Start clearing that clutter! Clean out your closets, garages, and rooms.
  • Pick a sale site such as Ebay, Craig's List or Etsy to list your items. (BlogPaws will have instructions available for those who haven't sold anything online before.
  • Pick your favorite pet rescue, shelter or charity to donate to. Don't have one? Check out Petfinder.com for help.
  • Start selling on May 18th! List your items for sale (make sure to follow Be The Change's guidelines) and then add them to the Linky List on BlogPaws' Be the Change site.
  • Share, Share, Share...Again!  Share your items with friends, family and coworkers, asking them to share as well! Remind them that you're selling for a good cause. Don't forget, all sales should end on May 25th.
  • Be proud about what you've done and donate! Donate the proceeds to your selected charity and then report  your totals to Be the Change so they can announce our collective impact!

Got a question? Post it  on Be The Change's Facebook page Discussion Tab.