You might not know who Purin is when you hear the name, but many of you have probably seen the internet sensation playing catch with his human. In the video, this amazing beagle goes through a series of tosses before he adorably clings onto her ball for dear life. As if that weren't cool enough, is that this little beagle does more than just play catch. She 's practically a dog genius!

Dogs are known jumpers.We've heard of dogs that are able to jump over six foot fences. For good manners, many of us even teach our pups not to jump on people. But have you ever heard of a dog jumping rope? Us either!

Little Purin just keeps getting cooler in our book.

This little girl has a wide array of tricks up her sleeve. Not only can she jump rope and play catch, but she can also roll on a ball, skateboard, open a door, and put away all of her toys. Did we mention, she does all of this while staying stylish? In one clip she's even got a little Puma shirt on. A girl's gotta look cute after all.

Little Pura is a smart and sporty beagle, but like all geniuses, she is a triple threat! Check out this clip of her getting down on her piano.

Did I mention, I love this girl!? She is just pawesome! Make sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel to check out all of her clips.