National Train Your Dog Month Training Tip #8: Don't Reward Bad Behavior. Dogs often act badly to get what they want. A great example is when a dog jumps up on you whenever you walk through the door, or a new houseguest comes over. He simply is asking for attention, and he knows you'll give it to him when he does it!

However, there's a very simple way to teach him that jumping is an unwanted behavior that will not result in attention: ignore him! When you get home don't pay your pup any attention (don't look at him, call his name, etc.). If he jumps on you, fold your arms and look up at the ceiling or just turn around around; as soon as he's calmed down for a few seconds and has all four paws on the floor, reward and greet him!  By doing this he's learning that jumping won't give him what he wants. Make sure to be consistent and repeat the process as many times as necessary - it can be frustrating at first but remember, patience is key.