National Train Your Dog Month - Training Tip #3: Consistency.

If your dog doesn't understand you the first time (or the 3, 4, 10, or 50th time for that matter), don't give up! It's important for you to be patient and consistent when training your pup. But instead of repeating commands and then giving up - make sure to complete the task every time.

Example: You tell your pup to sit,

"Fluffy, sit."

If Fluffy doesn't sit, don't repeat the phrase over and over and hope that she eventually understands. (Not only is it frustrating, your pup will probably be totally confused and look at you like your crazy). Instead, use your command,

"Fluffy, sit."

And if she doesn't, help her by gently pushing her butt to the floor. Then be sure to praise and reward,

"Good sit, Fluffy!"

Finally, repeat the whole process. Soon enough, Fluffy will be sitting on command!

What command did you teach your dog that required the most patience and repetition?