National Train Your Dog Month Training Tip #20: Treasure Every Moment. Okay, so this really isn't so much of a training tip for dogs, as it is a personal recommendation for owners... but nevertheless it is still really important.

Dogs live much shorter lives then us, and they spend their lives trying to do what makes them happy. (Eat, sleep, cuddle, play, repeat.) While training, it is SO easy to get frustrated but just remember one of our previous tips - patience. Soon enough the years will go by and you'll be thinking back fondly on all those times that you were so upset. (It's true! Our pup chewed through a countless number of pillows and rugs, and now we just smile when we think back to how much of a brat she was!).

Just like people, dogs go through growing pains. The exploration years, teenage rebellion, mid-life crises (maybe not so much), and growing old. Really take the time to treasure every moment you have with your four-legged family member.