Did you know that today is National Spoil Your Dog Day? No? We didn't either! Lucky for us, it's a super easy one to celebrate. Here are a few ways to show your pup how loved he is, and spoil him a little more rotten (cause we all know, he's pretty spoiled already!)

Treats! No not the everyday kind of treats, the reserved only-for-special-occasions-like-birthdays-and-holidays kind. We are a little over the top and like to give our pup a special homemade meal of either ground meat or even steak (here's our fave recipe), but any yummy treats will do! Here are some of Momo's summer day favorites.

Go on an adventure! Take your pup to her favorite place, or better yet, take her somewhere she's never been before! Our pup gets to go on walks and to the dog park all of the time - so for special occasions, we like to take her to the beach or on one of the many walking trails in the area. She loves the new smells and we love the change in scenery!

Toys, Toys, Toys! If your household is like ours, there can never be too many toys! We have a selection of plush, puzzle, squeaker and agility toys. It's nice to have a variety that way Momo never gets bored. We especially love her puzzle and intellectual toys - she stimulates her mind while we get to dote on how smart she is. Here are a few of Momo's favorites dog toys.

Spend the day together! If you're able to, take your pup to work. It will be a nice change for both of you; she won't have to wait all day while you're gone and you won't have to worry what she's doing at home!  If you can't take her with you, take her on your other errands. She'll feel special getting to ride in the car and meeting new people. (Of course, use judgement here - you wouldn't want to take your dog along just to leave her in the car. And if she doesn't particularly like new people, maybe this isn't a great treat.)

How are you spoiling your pup today? Leave us a comment below, we'd love to hear from you!