In our last post, we talked about how much Momo likes to play. But Momo can definitely be a sassy, girly-girl too. While she doesn't really like to wear jackets or clothes, she definitely doesn't like the rain or being cold even more!


We've actually purchased her quite a few sweaters and jackets, but we always end up putting her in the Puppia jacket we bought earlier this year. We searched a few large chain stores and finally found these adorable jackets at a local boutique. Puppia, an Australian based company,  has multiple lines of sweaters, harnesses and jackets- they even make dresses and holiday outfits! Their great selection and quality design is why we decided to go with one of their jackets for Momo. Their website is wholesale only - so check out your local dog boutiques to see if they carry Puppia's products!

After a long day of playing, Momo definitely loves to relax. When giving her a trip to the spa (AKA bathtub), the most important thing for her is warm water. She could sit there forever, so long as the water never got cold.

We recently got her a great new shampoo that she not only loves but we love the way it smells too! Happy Tails is a great company that creates all natural and cruelty free products for modern dogs. And according to Momo, she is DEFINITELY a modern dog. Bubbles 'n Beads is a great two-in-one shampoo that makes Momo's fur noticably softer and keeps her smelling great for days! You can check out all of their great products on their website here.

After a long day of pampering, Momo loves to do what every other dog loves to do too - sleep. Her favorite bed is her pink Tuck Me In bed. Check out our Facebook page for a chance to win one! Ready to buy? We're also giving our Facebook fans an additional $5 dollars off of our whole P.L.A.Y. collection! Get the coupon code here.