Momo here. I know it's been awhile, but as you know, diva's get busy. This past week my parents took me on a fun trip to celebrate possibly the best holiday ever invented. Thanksgiving!

Not only did I get to eat yummy goodness, I got to spend time with my BFFs Olivia and Charlie too! My super cute buddy Corbin was the best host ever - he shared his water dish and bed, AND he made sure we all had a good time! While the humans prepared our treats (Turkey! I told you Thanksgiving was possibly the best holiday ever), Olivia and I caught up on our gossip.

"Did you see the cowbelly on that pooch? She needs to lay off the treats..."

Charlie enjoyed some snuggles with my dad. And no, I didn't get jealous - in fact, I was the one who said it was ok.

On top of turkey, we got gourmet treats too! They put them right on my paw - all I had to do was look cute and I got all the yummies I wanted. (I mean, who can resist this face?) Overall, Thanksgiving was a BLAST. Can we do this every day?

Xoxo, Momo