In the month that Momo has been back in town, she's already tested out new products, travelled across the country and been swooned over by celebs. To say the least, she is LOVING the attention and is becoming quite the little socialite! Check out these awesome pictures from last week’s Christmas in July event.

By now, Momo is so used to having her photo taken. Check out her model pose here (Sneak Peek of our upcoming Lounge Beds!), she's got her "blue steel" down cold! Soon we're going to have to fight off the paw-parazzi!

Here's Momo with her new BFF, Denise Richards. Yes, that is really Denise Richards - we were so excited to meet her! She  has a pug of her own, so when she saw Momo it was puppy-love at first sight. :)

Next month, we're headed to SuperZoo in Las Vegas - who knows who we're going to meet there!