Hi guys, Momo here. It’s been a week since I arrived in San Francisco and I am so glad to be home! The flight was super boring but thankfully I flew first class. Yep, I had my two favorite squirrels for company and a super soft bed to relax on during the long flight. I've always wondered why humans even bother with the cabin - who wants to be squished next to a stranger when you could have an awesome private suite like mine? You know you're jealous.

But I’ve gotta admit... as comfy as my crate and the Chill Pad were, I sure was glad to feel my paws on concrete again. The first few days back have been a whirlwind... lots of butt sniffing with four-legged friends in the neighborhood, cuddles and kisses from two-legged ones, and best of all being reunited with Dad again. Mom and I were pretty jet-lagged for the first couple of days and Dad took a rather unflattering picture of me while I was half asleep.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an accurate representation - I really do look much better in real life.

After three straight 16-hour sleep days, Mom started complaining about how unproductive her days have been. I don’t know what all the fuss is about - sounds like a regular week to me.

So far, everything has been awesome. The humans here are really friendly. All I have to do is stick my tongue out, act cute and voila! Treats in my belly.

Could you resist this face? I don't think so!

Another great thing about being back in San Francisco? The car rides! I love sticking my head out and feeling my ears flap in the wind. I get from point A to point B without having to move at all! How awesome is that?!

Best of all, I now have countless beds and mats to choose from. Round ones, square ones, flat ones, you name it. Hmmm I wonder what’s up next...  you never know with Dad always thinking up crazy new ideas.

Yeap, life back in the city is good and I’m soooooooooo glad to be back!

Xoxo, Momo