Memorial Day is this Monday and while many of us will be enjoying the long weekend, let's not forget what the holiday truly symbolizes.

Since the founding of our country, millions of Americans have given their lives while serving in the military. That number also includes the heroic military dogs that have worked alongside our countries finest since WWI. Today there are approximately 2800-3000 working dogs stationed all around the world. These dogs play a vital role; with their strong sense of smell and their amazing hearing abilities - they are able help identify dangers that the human eye/nose/ear cannot. In addition to their senses, these dogs also provide comfort and a sense of normalcy for the men and women serving in their unit; something that is truly invaluable during a time of war.

Military dogs often serve in the most dangerous areas and have helped save a countless number of lives; often giving their own to do so. At P.L.A.Y., we are simply in awe of these amazing pups. That's why we've recently donated a set of our Chill Pads to the United States War Dog Association to help make their time overseas a little comfier. If you'd like to contribute to the Operation Military Care K9 - please visit the US War Dog's website for a list of needed items.

So while you enjoy the long weekend with your family and friends, please take a moment to honor the men, women and dogs that have given their lives to protect ours.