Have you ever wondered what your dog does all day while you're not home? Aside from setting up a doggy-cam or working from home, you may have no idea how much dogs (need) sleep!

Depending on breed and activity level, most dogs average around 12-14 hours of sleep a day (including short naps)! Some breeds can even sleep up to 18 hours a day - that's two-thirds of their lives spent dreaming! Many factors contribute to the amount of sleep a pup will need or get; working dogs and very active dogs sleep less than sedentary ones, and as a pup gets older you can expect them to need more beauty rest. Some dogs sleep out of boredom - so make sure to give your pup plenty of stimulation. Whether playtime, a walk, or leaving some toys out, you can help keep your pup active and happy.

One might ask, why does a dog need so much sleep? While dogs have the same sleep pattern as us (Rapid Eye Movement - aka REM sleep - and slow wave sleep) they wake up much more often. They tend to get up, rearrange, and plop back down. Do you ever notice your pup barking, "running" or whining in her sleep? During REM sleep, the brain activity in dogs is similar to the dreaming sleep of humans - evidence that your pup is likely dreaming too! (I knew my pup was chasing squirrels in her dreams... lol!)

While you might not think dogs are very picky about where they sleep, you'd be surprised! Ever notice your pup circling and pawing at his bed before laying down? That's his natural instinct - he's trying to make his bed comfier and more "den-like" so that he has a little concave to sleep in. Often, it doesn't really make a difference - but it's still super cute to watch!

Make sure your pup gets the best sleep possible by giving her a peaceful resting place. Our luxury pet beds are super comfy and lofty - creating the perfect place to get some zzz's.

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